so, who am I?

Man, online bios are weird, aren't they? This feels a little bit like a blind date, but you already know a little about me. So here goes...

I love words: reading them, writing them, memorizing them, debating them, find just the right one at just the right moment. As a Christian, I love the description of Jesus as the Word made flesh.

I love my people: my ever-patient husband, my six children from three continents via two births and two adoptions, my faithful friends who believe in me even when I can't. 

I love vulnerable people, maybe because I don’t love small talk. When vulnerability and empathy meet, beauty is born. I'm certain of it.

I love stories, and I'm beginning to speak mine in ways I never have before, especially when it comes to be disabilities and history of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking. Some stories aren't for public consumption, but I hope those I do share create a sacred space here and invite others to be brave with me.

Welcome, brave one. I'm glad you're here!

(Oh, and I'm represented by Amy Elizabeth Bishop of Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret for my first book. I'll be sharing more about this soon!)


educational background

Master's of Arts in Education (MAEd)
East Carolina University
Special Education
Specialty: Autism & Learning Disabilities

Bachelor's of Arts
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Communication Studies
Interpersonal & Organization Communication


if you're looking for the more classic sort of bio, here you go...

Shannon Dingle is an author, journalist, & activist who breaks the rules about what's appropriate to discuss in public & what isn't. She doesn't shy away from the hard places, from politics & privilege to trauma & disability. She lives with her spouse & their six children in Raleigh, NC.


media about my story and work