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Sojourners: Contributor

The Full Affirmation of Disability Justice (June 2019)

Resisting Ableism in the American Church (November 2018)

TV Guide: Contributor

Homophobia on The Real World Helped Me Realize What Kind of Parent I Needed to Be. (June 2019)

USA Today: Contributor

8 of our top opinion pieces this week: ICYMI (May 2019)

I Was 12 Years Old and Pregnant. Alabama’s Abortion Law Would Hurt Girls Like Me. (May 2019)

Pro-life friends supported our children’s adoptions. But they balk at policies keeping them alive. (November 2018)

Yahoo News: Contributor

I Was 12 Years Old and Pregnant. Alabama’s Abortion Law Would Hurt Girls Like Me. (May 2019)

Religion News Service (RNS): Contributor

We’ll never know the whole truth of Southern Baptists’ sex abuse crisis (February 2019)

BMP Voices: Contributor

Inaccessible Justice Movements Aren’t Just (October 2018)

Rise Collective: Contributor

#notwithoutmychild, and not without theirs either (May 2018)

SKEW: Managing Editor

Raising Kids Who Aren't Assholes: 11 Books About Refugees (July 2018)

The "Woke Parenting Guide" Was Harmful Appropriation. We're Fixing That. (July 2018)

The Book That Brought Me Back to the Bible (June 2018)

Raising Kids Who Aren't Assholes: 10 Barbie vlogs About Mental Health (May 2018)

Both Eyes Black: Paige Patterson, Abuse, and #ChurchToo (May 2018)

Raising Kid Who Aren't Assholes: 24 Books About Protest (April 2018)

Why I #DisTheOscars as a Disabled Woman (March 2018)

Raising Kids Who Aren't Assholes: Five Resources for International Day of Women (March 2018)

United Methodist Insight: Guest Contributor

I Call Myself a Disabled Woman (January 2018)

Teen Vogue: Contributor

Why I Got Sober When I Turned 21 (July 2017)

Why You Should Stop Assuming Sexual Assault Survivor's Lives Are Ruined (April 2017)

The Mighty: Contributor


The Washington Post: Guest Contributor

This is why disabled people were so devastated by the Christian silence on health care (July 2017)

Church 4 Every Child: Contributor, 2013-2016


Special Needs Ministry: Contributor, 2014-2016


iDisciple.com: Contributor to the resource channel Life Themes

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The Christian Post: Guest Contributor

Adoption: Not Always the Best Option (December 2013)

East Carolina University, M.A.Ed. thesis

Relationship Between Test Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities and the Poverty Levels of their Schools (November 2010)