“One ugly chapter — maybe you could even call it a ruined chapter — doesn’t define our stories, though. Rape doesn’t get that power. Darkness doesn’t get the last say.”

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white pushback v. the African American History Museum

When we, as white people in this country, say a museum of African American history doesn’t tell our stories too, we’re lying.

@ READY Magazine, from ShannonDingle.com

disability and the Christian silence on health care

The impact of governmental actions on those with disabilities shouldn’t be heard via stories online but rather stories shared as we pray and break bread together in community. Disability in church should be a commonplace reality, not a surprising hashtag

@ The Washington Post

why I got sober when I turned 21

I kept drinking, but my reasons changed. By high school, I chugged any alcohol, even the kinds I thought tasted gross. I no longer drank because I could or because I liked it. I drank because I didn’t like me.

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i see you

Carry on, mama warrior. I see you, and so does God. Today may be a hard day or a good day or a good hard day. Whatever kind it is, know this: you are enough, and you are not alone."

— @ Special Needs Parenting

#FacingAIDS for World AIDS Day

Nowadays, ignorance is treated like a nasty word or insult, but the word simply means a lack of knowledge or understanding. Ignorance itself isn’t ugly or shameful, unless we choose to embrace it when faced with facts to the contrary. 

— @ Scary Mommy

does love heal wounds from childhood trauma?

So as we live out our lives and love dear ones who have gone through things no child should, we love because God first loved us. And while we pray for healing to come and trust that it will one day, here or in heaven, we keep on loving.

— @ Church 4 Every Child

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