upcoming engagements


April 12-14, 2018: Festival of Faith & Writing; Grand Rapids, MI

June 11-14, 2018: 2018 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability; Raleigh, NC

July 12-15, 2018: Wild Goose Festival; Hot Springs, NC


currently booking: fall 2018 & beyond

I love intimate settings with women or mixed groups of people trying to be faithful, but I've also taught larger groups and preached to congregations of all sizes. I don't say yes unless I can be fully present in that space with you. I can't promise I'm be perfect - actually, I'm more likely not to be - but I can promise honesty and truth and beauty.

(If you Google my name, you'll find plenty of political content, but I don't always go there. Let's talk.)


previous engagements



Break It Down podcast

Ruby Woo Pilgrimage



Moody Radio Cleveland

Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) Summit, Orlando, FL

Accessibility Summit, McLean, VA

A Church For Everyone, McAllen, TX

Refresh Conference, Seattle, WA

Evangelicals For Life, Washington, D.C.



Webinar: Christian Alliance For Orphans, online

Together For Adoption, Durham, NC

Guest on the Adoption Perspectives Radio Show, online (listen here)

LifeWay's Kids Ministry Conference, Nashville, TN

Joni & Friends Irresistible Church Southeast Disability Ministry Summit, Charlotte, NC

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit, Nashville, TN

Accessibility Summit, McLean, VA

Global Access Conference, Los Angeles, CA


2014 and earlier

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit, Chicago, IL

Bifrost Arts' Cry of the Poor conference, Philadelphia, PA

D6 Family Ministry conference,  Dallas, TX

Accessibility Summit, McLean, VA


speaking topics from past events

More Than Hashtags: #metoo, #churchtoo, & #silenceisnotspiritual

Embracing Imperfection: Showing Up for Others and Yourself

Unhandicapped Community: The Five Stages of Disability Attitudes

Messy Middles: When Life Isn't Packaged with a Tidy Bow

Saying Yes to Inclusion: Stories of Disability-Welcoming Churches

Already Enough Already: How the Full Sufficiency of Christ Makes Us Fully Sufficient

Unsanctioned Faith: Loving Those Who We Are Told to Condemn

No Shame: Parenting Kids with HIV & Other Stigmatized Conditions

Entering Community Scared: Brave Enough to Be Better Together

Tattooed with Shame: How We Are Meant for So Much More

Discussing Differences with Our Kids: Frank Conversations about Race, Disability, and More

Church After Sexual Assault: Trusting Others After Experiencing Spiritual Trauma

Survivor-Safe Church: 10 Ways to Be a Safe Place for Survivors

Post-Placement Church: Five Ways to Love Foster & Adoptive Families Well

When God Met Me in a Bar: & Others Stories of the Unlikely Divine

Trauma 101: What We Need to Know to Love Well

Making Sense of Sensory Issues: Creating Sensory-Sensitive Learning Environments

Loving the Unique Design of Each Child: Thriving and Not Just Surviving as a Parent

Family Ministry in the World of Disability: Case Studies for Supporting Special Needs Families

and more, so please reach out if you're looking for something not listed here!