Home Sweet Renovation Zone (part one)

I love our house, and I think I'll be absolutely overcome with appreciation for the blessing that it is once I have it back!

Our "home sweet home" has been "home sweet renovation zone" for the past three or four months. This is our normal, to be honest. We're good at partial projects, but finishing them... well, that's trickier.

First, we took on the wires from our television and hid them in the wall. I forgot to take a before picture, so it's more like a halfway through and after. We tore out the drywall, drilled holes in studs, put conduit in the wall, replaced the drywall, painted, and ran the cables and cords inside the wall. Here it is with the drywall cut out and one of the three conduit lines and the boxes in place:

Here's a different angle:

Here it is with three conduit lines and the hole up high when we ran Internet cables down from the office:

Here I am with my little helper while mudding:

Now here with the dryall and mud:

Another drywall/mud shot showing the area near the floor where we ran conduit down to the crawl space so that we can drop stereo wire under the house and run it to the walls in the back of our family room once we have speakers to mount there:

A picture of my little helper after she ran up to me to say "hi" while I was working:

The finished product (minus the part of the entertainment center that will cover up the wires and surge protectors on the wall above the existing lower-cabinet section):

Later I will post with part two (the kitchen) and part three (the powder room). Later this summer, I'll have part four (the dining room painting and new chandelier) ready to post. And then I think we'll take a bit of a break ... that is, until we convert the third floor from an attic into two bedrooms and a bathroom!