random thoughts

1. I'm a wee bit jealous that our church has begun handing out The Jesus Storybook Bible at baby dedications. Why? Because the ones they gave Jocelyn and Robbie were meh. Not so exciting. Or accurate. Or awe-inspiring. So I'm 90% excited that these families are being given a really fantastic Bible storybook, and 10% envious that they weren't doing that when our babes were dedicated.

Because, of course, we all know that the most important thing about baby dedication is which Bible you get to bring home.

2. Laundry is drowning me.

That is all.

3. The Advance the Church 2011 conference was ah-mazing. Will Johnson has posted a lot of the notes he took over here. I'm not ready to intelligently post anything yet, but it will be coming.

4. We ordered pizza for Mother's Day. Best dinner ever, in my opinion. Menu planning will commence again tomorrow after dinner with my dad tonight, but I'm a low-class broad who loves pizza even though it and my affinity for sugar are to blame for my rheumatoid arthritis. Well, that and my lack of faith and the ineptitude of my prayer life. {insert snark here}

5. Domino's won me over for life when they added garlic salt to their crust.

Well, for life or until another chain gets the hint.

6. I love my dog. He is goofy and protective and not incredibly intelligent. And he's perfect.

7. I don't know why this item is italicized, but I'm too lazy right now to undo it. I'm thankful, though, that while my hips, knees, and feet are being affected by my present RA flare, my hands and wrists are not. So typing and writing and reading and all that aren't affected. 

8. There isn't much I love more than a hot, nearly scalding bath. With bubbles. Even though the angle of my bathtub faucet makes it hard for it to hit the water as forcefully as necessary to create said bubbles.

9. (Geez, the italics again?!? What on earth.) I love, love, love my friend Jenelle's new haircut. Love it.