Weekly round-up! {7/11/11}

Happy Monday! Today we are exactly two months away from the new Sunday school year (and in need of at least seven more volunteers each Sunday morning) and about three months away from our first respite care event. I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to pray for our plans for each, that God may be glorified and his love made known.

(And, while you're at it, a stomach bug is running through my house right now, so prayers for health would be appreciated - particularly for mine, because I'm due for an IV treatment for rheumatoid arthritis on Thursday, and I'll have to postpone it if I'm sick. I'm already struggling with daily activities because my last IV is wearing off, so a delay would not be ideal.)

And now to the links...

Welcoming Special Needs Families: Both Jason and I commented on a blog post a few weeks ago at Ministry Matters, and he was asked to follow up with an article. I am so glad they asked him to do that, because this article is worth reading (and thanks, Jason, for emailing me to let me know about the article)!

And to continue my trend of highlighting new pieces about churches who are engaging in special needs ministry, here's one about a church's VBS program including individuals with special needs and another about a church's plans to go to a summer camp for kids with disabilities in Georgia. And here's one about a woman in London who is passionate about including people with autism in churches.

In less positive news, though, here's a piece from England in which the title shares the tragedy: Thousands of being are being aborted over 'disability' My nephew - the handsome fellow on the right - was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate; while the surgeries he needed in the first year of life were not easy, it blows my mind to know that abortions are being performed just to avoid that. Here's an encouraging blog post on a related topic by John Knight: Let us tell our stories and ask God to change things

Which leads me to my next set of links, which are all posts from John's blog this week:
-Sometimes Jesus healed by touching people
-Sometimes Jesus healed them all. Sometimes he didn't.
-And two posts about the sadness and joy of his son's 16th birthday: I am sad. But only for a vapors breath. and She opens her mouth with wisdom...

I'm not sure if they re-did it recently, but Lifeway's Special Needs page seems more user-friendly and helpful than it used to be. Even if I'm just imagining things, you should still visit it if you haven't stopped by before! They have great resources.

Family Relationships with a Complicated Diagnosis: Pamela Wilson does a great job once again.

I regularly enjoy 22 words, but I don't usually link over to it. I'm making an exception for 5 pieces of art by children with autism.

I've been a fan of Missy's blog for a long time now, and I love this post about designer babies and a Designer God.

Finally, here's my friend Katie's recent post about different models of special needs ministry. Please read it, and then heed her request at the end: "What approach has worked for you and your church? Leave a comment here, so that others can learn from your experiences!"

And come on back tomorrow for an atypical rant from me that began with a link I was going to include in today's post ... that is, until my commentary on it turned into something long enough to warrant a whole post of its own.