disability ministry weekly round-up {2/6/11}

I'm tingly with excitement about some wild and crazy news I'll be sharing tomorrow.


And a little giddy.

But for now, I have to leave you wondering for one more day. If the suspense is killing you, please channel that into prayer. We would love the radical work God is doing in us and our family to be bathed in prayer. Thanks!

And now... on to the links for the week...

Parish's acolyte ministry includes those with special needs I just love this story. I think it's a mix of my fond memories of serving as an acolyte in my Lutheran church as I grew up and the joy I feel when people with disabilities are serving as full members of the body of Christ.

Pondering Psalm 139 {A post from my wife Ashley} Ashley's words cut to the core: " If you had been my parents and you knew that you carried a baby with a deformity, a baby who may have other unseen disabilities, and the doctor muttered the words to you “there’s something wrong with her"... would you have aborted me?"

Transplant may be in sight for girl with intellectual disability An update on a major pro-life story that's been big news in the disability community in the last couple weeks.

The Five-by-Five Approach to Differentiation Success Great tips for teaching anything, including Sunday school!

Raleigh church offers exciting ministries for those with special needs Here's an article about my church and some of what we have going on.

Dear Family A powerful blog post by a mom, thanking her family for specific ways they have served her and her son with autism and for their affirmation of John 9:3.

A Special Place for Special Needs I love finding articles of churches and ministry who are reaching out to adults with disabilities. Here's one (though the divorce stat used in the article is incorrect).

Burts believe strongly in inclusion This church is having monthly topical meetings for parents related to special needs and providing care for their children during the meetings.

Hope you're having a great week!