~ Chick-fil-A at Falls Village ~ 3/22/12 ~ 5-8pm ~
Eat Mor Chiken for Zoe Amanda!

Over the past week, I've posted again and again and again about our fundraising night on March 22 from 5-8pm at Chick-fil-A at Falls Village in Raleigh. I've posted so often that I wouldn't blame you if you're thinking, Thank goodness the event is soon because that means the posts will STOP!" 

Because I've posted so often, though, I wanted to consolidate all the info and links to posts in one place.

Yep, you guessed it. Another post.

First, the basics. Come to Chick-fil-A. Bring a flier. Buy food, inside or through the drive-through. Give them the flier. Smile, knowing your belly will be full and some of your money will go toward bringing Zoe Amanda home!

Here are the fliers, one as an image and one PDF with four to a page. (I would LOVE it if you printed enough to share a few! The more people, the more funds raised toward our adoption expenses!)

Dingle Adoption 3.22.12

And what if you forget your flier? Look for the white Suburban with balloons tied to it, and you'll find fliers in a folder under the windshield! We are NOT allowed to hand out fliers at the door or inside the restaurant, so make sure you have one before you come on in!

And once you're there? Eat. Enjoy sweet company of the folks who are there to celebrate Zoe Amanda. Check out her pictures - we can't share them online, but we'll have some in frames at the auction and raffle areas, including some that have never been shared outside of our family!

What about the silent auction and raffle? Here's the info you need!

As you click on the links above, please think about what you might want to bid on in the auction or try for in the raffle. More than anything, though, as you look at what's offered, please join us in praising God for the sweet friends and family and even strangers who have offered items to support us on this journey. I've overused the words amazing and awesome lately, but both capture well the beauty of God's provision in all of this.

We are so thankful for God, for Zoe, and for you.

And if you're unable to come to our fundraising night but would like to make a donation, 
you can click below:

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, go here for information about how to do that.