disability ministry weekly round-up {3-5-12}

The big news of last week was that all our adoption paperwork is in route to Taiwan, with a short stop for approval at an office in Atlanta. Yippee! {Update! Our paperwork has already been received in Taiwan, several days earlier than expected. Praise God!} We'll be bringing Zoe Amanda home sometime between late May and early August - praying it's sooner rather than later! :)

And in other news, I'm trying a slightly different approach to the round-up with a linked title, a quote from the link, and a question to ponder. Let me know who you like it - I'm thinking this might be how I do it from now on!

In Defense of Down Syndrome Children... Like My Son "Down syndrome children pose a different kind of threat to society -- the in-your-face reminder that our aspirations for "perfection" may be flawed. People like Cade disrupt normal." {What can we do to make sure that we're exalting God instead of the idol of human perfection?}

Don't Forget About Me... Being a Special Needs Sibling "She has always tried to understand his special needs, why he can't talk, why he needs extra time to accomplish little things so many others take for granted and why he was made just a little bit different than all her friend's brothers and sisters." {Are we teaching a biblical theology that helps our kids love and interact with those who are different, including in their own families?}

Tears of a special needs sib "Once again, he had to take the back seat to a kid with special needs, and once again his mom just assumed he'd suck it up, (and he's got his own issues going on with PANDAS and he's extra sensitive lately), and he simply could not take it anymore, always having to be the one who bends." {How can the church support and love these siblings who often take a back seat?}

A Special Needs Mom's Heartache: Not What You'd Expect "It isn’t the people inside my house that make life difficult. It’s the world outside." {How can we, as the people of God, make that world outside better for these families by sharing Christ instead of pity or hurt?} 

Prom held for special needs children at Wofford "'It started out as a church movement to incorporate special needs population into churches and when that started happening it just caught on fire, it's really gone out of control,' says co-organizer and Wofford student Callie Taylor." {How do you celebrate God's creation of every person, regardless of ability or disability?}

RELIGION: Fulfilling the spiritual needs of special-needs kids Okay, this one I can't just quote. You need to read the whole thing. It describes that amazing special needs ministry set-up at a church in San Bernardino. Just read it. {How can you excel in serving all members of families affected by disability on Sunday mornings?}

'Groundbreaking' new ministry caters to families with autistic families  "Karen and Paul Schmid know what it’s like to watch an autistic son struggle with sitting through a mass and they wonder about other families who avoid church altogether, because it’s just too hard." {What can your church do to make it easier for the Schmids and other families like them? And how can you reach out to the families who are already avoiding your church because they expect it to be too hard to come?}