two wonderful quotes from our day of specialists today...

I will post in more length later, but for now...

"Great news! The atrial septal defect is healed. We got some great pictures, and her heart is perfectly healthy." (Dr. M from Duke Cardiology, after her heart ultrasound)

"What I am seeing here [Zoe, cooing and smiling and watching him while kicking and holding a toy] doesn't match anything I expected from the extensive damage shown on her MRI. She has a little spasticity in her legs, but nothing we can't work with. Let's redo the MRI to see what it shows now and do an EEG." (Dr. W from Raleigh Neurology)

We're not out of the woods with neurology, but everything looks far more "best case" than "worst case" in our list of possible scenarios. And my UNC-loving self and Lee's NCSU-loving self should never have to bring Zoe back to Duke cardiology, though we are thankful for the sweet, sweet folks we met there.

Praise be to God.

I have a lot more to say (shocker, I know), but that's all my brain can handle sharing right now.