first day of SCHOOL!

Remember when I posted that we would be homeschooling? In that post, I said:
I interrupt this post to remind all of you that I LIKE PLANS. God has clearly deemed that 2012 is the year of teaching me to hold plans loosely and be more flexible, but some days I just want to curl up in the fetal position while hugging a planner and pretending that I have some control over my life. I am thankful that God is in control, and I do know that His plans are so much better than mine, but that doesn't mean I'm not struggling with the loss of the plans I expected.

So when you ask where Jocelyn is going to school this year, please forgive me if I force a huge smile, proudly announce that I think we're homeschooling but I'm not really sure because I still kind of hope that Plan A of the public school we really like will work out, and then promptly burst into tears.
Well, last night just after dinner and after I put Zoe to bed, I checked my email. And found out that Plan A had been approved!

Which meant that I had roughly 12 hours to get school supplies, impart the "you're going to school, so here's what I want you know before you go" wisdom, pick out clothes, pack lunch and snack, and figure out the ins and outs of how this morning would work.

(Praise God that our friend Vallory had joined us for dinner and was willing to bathe the big kids and put them to bed while I ran a couple of errands to get ready!) 

Yesterday at this time, I was deciding what day we'd start homeschooling. Now, I'm hanging out with my handsome little fella while the baby girl sleeps and the big girl schools at the public school we love.

Here are some of the first day of school pictures that I didn't think I'd get to take. (Well, at least, not of her going off to school. I would have taken first day of homeschooling shots, because I'm addicted to pictures of my precious ones.) I couldn't stomach balancing three kids, paperwork, and a late start to school (not to the day - we were on time! just a couple days late to the school year) with a camera too, so the only school-based shots I have are in the woodsy area by the parking lot.

You'll see that Robbie is more interested in his Spider-Man toy than the camera. I picked it up last night, along with the school supplies, because I had no idea how long it would take to straighten out all the logistics this morning. Bribery: A Dinglefest household tradition. (It worked.)

She was thrilled to get started, and she entered the classroom like she owned the place, even though she missed the first day. I had a chance to chat with the principal and a couple of parents, and I absolutely love her main teacher. It's the biggest K class they have, but two teachers co-teach along with a teaching assistant and I think that will be a great environment for our big girl.

So. stinking. excited!

P.S. - I still want to curl up in the fetal position while clutching my planner, if nothing more than to take a long nap in that position, because I. am. spent. But we are overjoyed, with every expectation that Jocelyn will truly thrive at her new school and with the knowledge that the rest of us will adjust to missing her during the day!