our funny premarital counseling questionnaire

When Lee and I were engaged, our pastor had each of us fill out a lengthy questionnaire, separate from each other. Then we turned them into the pastor, and he reviewed them to look for matches and mismatches that needed to be addressed in premarital counseling.

Some questions addressed the things you'd expect:
...the number of children we each wanted (we both said 2 or 3 total, and each indicated that at least one would probably be adopted... my, how plans change!),
...the place we planned to live (here in good ol' NC),
...and our plan for managing finances (on which we agreed that Lee focuses on the daily stuff - bills, etc. - and I do the longer term stuff - goal-setting and taxes and so on, which is how it's been).

Others were a bit odd. Like, "If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?"

Lee's response? 

"A structural engineer in Japan."

Because he is already a structural engineer, and he loves his job, and the buildings and bridges are pretty amazing in Japan.

My response? 

"A dog."

Because I like to sleep and play and hang out with loved ones.

Yeah, our pastor didn't know what to do with that one.

Other than laugh with us. (Or was that "at us"?)

yes, we had a jousting ring (and rock climbing wall and moonjump and obstacle course and pool table and bungee run and dunk tank and snowcone machine) at our wedding reception. doesn't everyone?