three birthdays in one day! {sweet Zoe, our friend Lily, and Morning Light Ministries}

To celebrate Zoe, we're going to The Cupcake Shoppe this evening, and we'll get Zoe something chocolate-y. (We discovered at the NC State Fair that she is willing to reach for anything covered in chocolate, so it seems fitting!) I just checked their menu, and I think it'll be the this one:


To celebrate Lily, we posted this picture on Facebook. Lily is the women's counselor for the crisis pregnancy center that Zoe's original family contacted when she was born, and their shared birthday connected Zoe and Lily in a special way. We love Lily and are so thankful for her!

 The sign says "Happy Birthday!" in Mandarin Chinese.

Love our little ham!

Now on a more serious note, Zoe has a birthday request...

Zoe says, "This is my serious face, yo."

The wonderful team at Morning Light Ministries cared for Zoe in her first eight months of life, and their association officially turns 1 today. (They've been serving for longer than that, just not independently). While they facilitate a handful of adoptions, their primary purpose is to show Christ's love for women and children as a crisis pregnancy center. They care for more than just the baby in the womb; they love these women well with counseling (continuing long after the baby is born for those who choose life and including mothers who have abortions), a women's home, and supports for single parents (like a food pantry, a free childcare center for at-risk little ones, and small groups), as well as ministry through the local church there and abstinence education in schools.

In Taiwan, more babies were aborted last year than born.

Let that sink in for a moment.

More pregnancies ended in abortion than life in Zoe's country in the year she was born. I wrote about the travesty of that in New York City, and it is no less tragic on the other side of the world. The work of Morning Light Ministries is truly the difference between life and death for many babies in Taiwan.

In fact, if the Morning Light team was not serving as they do, our Zoe might not be here to have her first birthday. In honor of Zoe's first birthday, would you consider giving to Morning Light to sustain the work they are doing? You can give two different ways:

  1. By mail: Write a check to Central Missionary Clearinghouse, mail it to the following address, and include a note that it is for Morning Light Home (writing it in the memo line is NOT enough): CENTRAL MISSIONARY CLEARINGHOUSE
    P.O. Box 219228 - Houston, Texas 77218-9228
  2. Online: Go to, scroll down, and click on the "Click & Give" graphic. Log in, select "Morning Light Ministry - Luke Pan" from the drop-down list, and give. A small processing fee will be deducted (for example, that fee ranges from $1 to $3.30 for a $100 donation, depending on the method of payment), and the rest of the funds sent to Morning Light. 
If you're not able to give at this time, would you pray for them?