isaiah 43:2-3

Robbie just fell asleep.

My time to rest and relax used to be once the kids were down for the night - always my boy last of all, because kindergarten exhausts Jocelyn and life as a baby with CP makes for an early bedtime for Zoe.

from stitch by stitch

I'm not sure anymore when my time to rest and relax is.

The highest risk time for seizures is the first two to three hours after he falls asleep. Because his tonsils are ginormous and probably should be removed (but we were waiting to get a bit more settled with Zoe first), he wakes up a few times a night. Each time he falls asleep again? Yep, it restarts the two to three hour high-risk period for a seizure.

I can't do think every time, but last night - as Lee tended to our little four-year-old friend who is crashing here for a few days and who has a stomach bug - I decided to just crawl into bed with Robbie and monitor him that way.

But I've resolved one thing.

Fear sucks.

So I'm not giving into it. Because you know what? I knew SIDS was a possibility with each baby of ours, but I didn't totally freak out about it. I took some precautions, I trusted God, and I slept as much as the precious babes allows.

And you know what else? I know SUDEP is a possibility. (That would be Sudden Unexplained Death in EPilepsy.) But we're not going to totally freak out about it. We'll take precautions, we're trusting God, and guess what? We're sleeping as much as we can, with a baby monitor at full volume and a seizure monitor that we'll be ordering soon.

from Shine Design
God'll be up all night, so I'm trusting Him in this and in all other things.