on surviving another seizure and being hooked up to the EEG for 48 hours

Well, we survived another seizure and are thankful that the EEG should have captured what happened in his brain during it. This one was much less scary, in part because we knew to expect it and in part because it was a different kind (a partial seizure rather than a generalized tonic clonic) and in part because it was shorter and stopped on its own (so no ER visit).

He'll still be wired up to the EEG through tomorrow, but he's tolerating it much better than expected. I think he would try to take it all off at night if he slept by himself, but I'm staying with him in bed, so he's resting well.

Now, let me backtrack and show you some shots from getting the EEG put on yesterday. I'll be posting some video later, at the request of friends whose kiddos don't handle EEGs well, so they can watch our little champ getting wired up like a pro in preparation for their own EEGs. For starters, here's the smiley little man who knows what's about to happen since we had a one-hour EEG two weeks ago.

Now he's watching Stuart Little on the TV. The chair in the background would later be occupied by another three-year-old boy getting suited up for his 48-hour EEG.

Now we're partway through. He had 24 electrodes taped to his head, with another two on his chest.

Here you can see all the wires going to the main machine. They unhooked them all from the device on the right and plugged them into a smaller pack that is about the size of a thick trade paperback book.

He got to choose his cap color for after all the wires were on.

In the middle of his forehead, you can see the crayon marks they start with. It took about 15 minutes or so to measure and mark up his head before they placed anything.

Then the guy wrapped Robs up with gauze and taped it well.

All the while, Robbie kept watching (and played sometimes with the toys in front of him).

Here's another angle.

Toward the end, he was exhausted from a rough night of sleep and tired of sitting for about an hour. Here's a big yawn.

To help with the two days he'd be hooked up, they wrapped all the wires too with tape and gauze. (That's not holding up super well, and Robbie gets tangled from time to time.)

He was bored at this point.

And tired.

And a bit fussy.

But nothing juice (and a trip to the treasure box for a new car toy) couldn't help.

Isn't he cute in his little cap?

Now we strap his little computer receiver thing to his back with a canvas backpack, and we jot down notes about daily activities in our bright yellow log, and we wait until tomorrow to go back and get it all taken off.

And I sleep in his racecar bed with him so he doesn't take it all off during the night.

Which has me still in my pajamas right now with no plans on changing before Zoe's occupational therapist comes here in an hour. 

Because I don't care. And she won't either. 

Thank goodness for in-home therapists.