seven years ago

our world changed. Jocelyn, my precious girl, you were born.

You live as if you don't know the meaning of the word "conventional." You do your own thing, so it was only fitting that you asked for your candle to be in a bowl of snow cream instead of cake today.

With fashion as your obsession, you declared tonight's dinner to be a ball, and you wore a gown.

Of course.

As Robbie put on his Power Ranger get-up, you were giddy.

"Robbie, will you protect us?"

After he said yes, you smiled and declared, "That's my boy."

And he is.

Robbie might protect you, but you would fight for any of your five siblings. Without reservation. Without hesitation. Without consideration to the reality that only one of the five shares your genetic makeup.

You, my love, are already so much more than I could have imagined on that cold day seven years ago when you entered the world. Your compassion, your spunk, your exuberance... you changed our world then.

And you've been changing the world ever since.

I love you, big girl o' mine.