the Dinglefest cast o' characters

This is me (Shannon) and the mister. He's only 10 months older than me, but evidently that's enough of a difference for me to embrace social media and him to eschew it.

In other words, you'll see his face, but I'm the blogger of the bunch.

Lee's our fearless leader. 

He loves Jesus, us, gadgets, tools, the outdoors, meat, structures, and surround sound.


the voice around here, sharing how God is leading our family and our hearts. My love languages? Research, special needs ministry, books, vulnerability, effective helps for vulnerable families (including family preservation supports, informal care, and - only when truly necessary - adoption), sparkly things, coffee, Netflix binges, and comments (hint, hint).

As for the rest of our party of eight, meet them below (albeit in dated pictures, because I don't update this page often):