bought with the precious blood of Christ

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Before I write anything else, know this: We don't share our faith here out of superiority or arrogance or obligation. We share our faith for two reasons:
  1. because it defines us and we can't separate our lives, family, reading, anything from our faith and 
  2. because we love people - you! - too much to be silent about God. 
While other religions claim a distant god, the faith is in a real God who loves us - and you! - so much that He became a man, lived and loved among us, died as a sacrifice for our sins, and rose again to conquer death and sin.

Yes, sin, but our faith isn't about sin, because a faith focused on that would suck. It's not about sin; it's about Christ who frees us from sin. And I am so thankful for that!

To know what we believe, start {here} with our story, which is truly God's story in our lives.

To check out our blog posts that are particularly Christ-focused, go {here}. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of our faith and of all things. In Christ alone, our hope is found: it's more than the words of a song; it's the truth.

And watch this. It's worth it.