7 shows I will binge watch until I die

1. The West Wing

President Bartlet, I love thee. Can we elect you this season instead of our current option? (We’d take Santos too. And probably Arnie. Or Charlie. Or C.J. Or Sam. Maybe even Toby. Or the call girl turned law school grad whose name I can’t remember right now. Seriously, any of you – in character, of course – would be preferable.)

2. Gilmore Girls

I love me some snarky fast-talking women. Did you know that the scripts for this show were often twice as long than scripts usually are because of the conversation speed of Rory and Lorelai? Sure, they hit a slow patch in Season 5 or 6, but I don’t even skip those.

3. Friday Night Lights

Can Tami Taylor be my best friend? I kinda love her.

4. TIE: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt & 30 Rock

 Comedy. Gold. Tina Fey, I love you and what you bring to this world.

5. Anything by Shonda Rimes

Shonda is a visionary, and her shows are daring and full of heart. Also, her contribution to increasing racial representation of minorities in prime time, in roles that aren’t sidekicks or stereotypes? Ground-breaking.

6. Friends

The one I can watch all the days.

7. Awful teen dramas.

Dawson’s Creek. Pretty Little Liars. Switched At Birth. Make It or Break It. Need I say more?

(I did draw the line at The Secret Life of American Teenagers. Even I have some standards.)

Okay, y’all: Enable my bingeing ways. (After all, Mama's got a lot of laundry to fold, the Olympics are still a couple weeks away, and I'm almost done re-watching all of The West Wing. Again.) What else should I add here? Bonus points if the cast isn’t super white (but no judgment if it is, because, well, see most of the items on my list).

(Final note: Sorry to break your hearts, but I just couldn’t get into Parenthood. I tried. Really, I did. Also, I love crime shows, especially NCIS and Bones, but binge watching those isn’t as enjoyable when you know whodunit... but I'll gladly watch it all the way through one. Oh, and one last thing… I can’t handle violence well – hello, PTSD – so while I could make it through House of Cards, I couldn’t do Breaking Bad or Jessica Jones and I haven’t even tried Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.)

So, whatcha watching?