Sick girls!

The new dose of prednisone is still making me feel dizzy and lightheaded, but today was much better than yesterday. This is not an uncommon symptom, and it usually only lasts a few days, so I should be feeling better day by day. The wonderful part of this is that the arthritis in my joints feels a whole lot better, so the extra meds are doing their job. I can put up with the (temporary) side effects when the drugs work!

And poor Jocelyn was running a fever today, and it took us a while to realize it. I kept noticing that she felt warm, but I wasn't feeling normal either so I didn't think much of it. Finally we took her temperature at 4pm when Lee commented that she felt hot, and pobrecita (poor little one in Spanish) had a temperature of 103.5! Thankfully Tylenol brought it back down to 99, and we gave her another dose just before bedtime. She has already woken up once, but I think that was just because her diaper leaked. (How unpleasant to be sick already and then have your diaper fail to do its job!) Here's a picture Lee took of his sick ladies while she was awake:

By the way, I must give a huge shout out to Lee here. I know he is stressed out about his PE exam (only 20 days away!), but he has been a champ, taking care of his ladies without sighing or complaining. I'm so blessed by that man!

(By the way, if you haven't figured it out already, you won't see us at church tomorrow. The church nursery guidelines say that kiddos shouldn't come if they've had a fever within the last 24 hours, so even if Jocelyn - hopefully - makes a recovery during the night we still won't bring her. And since Lee won't leave us alone given how I've been feeling and since I've been feeling too shaky to drive, that means all three of us will be at Bedside Baptist tomorrow morning!)

And one final note: thank you for your kind messages via the computer and the phone! They are so encouraging, and we appreciate your prayers. Also, I haven't been answering the phone lately since talking on the phone makes me feel even more dizzy, but I plan to return your sweet calls once I can talk on the phone again!