ministry resources I've written elsewhere

Over the years, I've written pieces here and there for other entities. Here are a few I've dug up from 2012-2013...

special needs ministry quick references guide

This handout is always included in my speaking handouts. I lent it to the Treasuring Christ Curriculum as a resource to be shared on their site. Here is where you can find it.

Becoming A Missional Family

I partnered with Steve Wright and George Tissiere, two pastors at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, to write this resource for families. It's a short booklet, and it's available here

Some of the Most Unreached People in the United States

D6 asked me to write a piece about people with disabilities as a group largely unreached by the church. It can be found here.

Special Needs Volunteer Orientation Guide

In this resource offered by Building Church Leaders, I join the voices of Amy Julia Becker, Tony Welty, Jackie Mills-Fernald, and contributors from Key Ministry, the United Methodist Church of North Texas, and the editors of Christianity Today. Together we provide guidance on training volunteers to include children with disabilities. Find out more here

Maintaining the Message, Modifying the Message

I wrote this article for The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry to equip churches to welcome families affected by a diverse range of disabilities. 

An Interview with Shannon Dingle about the Treasuring Christ Curriculum and Ministry to Those with Disabilities

In this piece on the Family Ministry Today, I was interviewed about inclusive ministry and the benefits of scaffolded curricula like Treasuring Christ Curriculum or the more visually rich The Gospel Project by Lifeway (which I would highly recommend over TCC, as The Gospel Project does a far superior job of sensory integration to benefit all learners, especially those with disabilities). Read the full interview here.