adoption has affected our biological children.

That was the worry of one of our family members, who often asked, How will Jocelyn and Robbie fare with the arrival of a new child with her own set of needs? The way she asked wasn't expressing nice concern; it was dripping with contempt for the crazy idea she thought we might abandon if only she could get us to think about it a little more.

She was right, at least in part.

Adoption has affected our biological children.

They longed for their sister as they waited in anticipation for her to come home.

They shared in excitement with friends

and learned that our family of loved ones is much bigger than biology and paperwork.

They keep praying without ceasing for God to heal the boo-boos on Zoe's brain so that she can walk and run with them,

and they have planned for what changes we might need to make to include their little sister if God has decided it will be better for her mobility to be limited on earth.

They loved a stranger turned sister from the moment they heard about her, even though she lived in a children's home on the other side of the world.

They ask me to print off pictures of other orphans, so that they can pray for them and their families - if they have them - by name.


They've started saving money to give to the ministry that cared for Zoe until we arrived and to give to other families who are adopting.

They tell other people about the beauty of adoption.

They now know about that small island country off the coast of China and cut out shapes of Taiwan "so that Zoe will never forget where she came from."

They make room in their hearts and around our table for a girl who once lacked a family.

They are understanding the gospel in new ways, as our oldest can explain that we adopt because God first adopted us as His children through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

Yes, adoption has affected our biological children,

and I'm more than okay with that.

Many thanks to my friends Heather and Vallory who posted the amazing pictures of our homecoming that I've included in this post! And thanks also to Rachel and Dad Dingle and Rebecca for documenting it in pictures and video, as well as to Jenelle for capturing it in words and metaphors... so thankful Zoe will have a sweet record of her enthusiastic welcome, thanks to each of you!