bone tired. and blessed.

I'm calling today a success:

two kids who woke up to vomit in the middle of night, one who recovered before morning.

so she'll be able to return to summer day camp tomorrow, thank goodness.

one who kept down just enough to avoid an ER visit and not enough to keep me from constant prayer for his health.

which might have been God's intent anyway. as a wise friend once said, "anything that brings you to your knees in prayer is a blessing."

one child fed 23 ounces via bottles from Daddy.

which is 3 ounces more than the minimum we're aiming for.

she is eating.

and as much as i love the part about exceeding her minimum ounces for the day, the part that makes me verklempt is "from Daddy."

one daddy who brought his baby to work to protect her from the germies here.

one mommy who survived with encouragement on Facebook, a Starbucks run from a friend (along with some Gatorade, stickers, and coloring pages for the sick ones), a gift of dresses for Zoe from our next-door neighbors (who are determined to spoil her rotten... which I'm okay with), a meal from the freezer from a friend that fed us tonight, the offer of three meals to help sustain our family in nights to come, and the confirmation that Zoe will be seeing the same cardiologist that two of our little friends have seen and loved in the past.

I'm experiencing a deeper sort of exhaustion than I've ever known, but it's a good sort of bone tired.

Because you know what?

Adoption is hard.

But want to know what's harder? Parenting.

Both are worth it, though. Both make the bone tired feeling a good one as I collapse into bed.

I'll call today a win and thank God for it.